Ultractive® Magnesium:

the fastest and most effective solution for muscle tension, fatigue and stress

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Thanks to Ultractive® Magnesium, you can get
the absolute maximum out of your day!

Life is a question of energy these days.

We want more and more, it has to be better and go faster. This applies to our job or studies, but our family life and social contacts also demand a lot of energy.


Magnesium also contains vitamin B6 and helps you to start your day rested and full of energy. It contributes to a better state of mind and a better concentration.

Muscle tension

Muscle tension can easily be prevented with magnesium, as it keeps your muscles supple.


Magnesium is ideal to use when you are stressed, thanks to its unique composition of magnesium glycerophosphate and magnesium oxide.

In addition,
Magnesium contributes to:

  • better concentration
  • a feeling of relaxation
  • alleviating pregnancy complaints

Why Ultractive® Magnesium is better than other magnesium supplements


High dose of magnesium

Ultractive® Magnesium contains up to three times more elemental magnesium than other supplements. It is the perfect combination of inorganic and organic magnesium salts and vitamin B6.


Good solubility

Thanks to its advanced formula and unique production process, Ultractive® Magnesium completely dissolves in the digestive system much faster than other magnesium supplements.


No laxative effect

The superior solution and absorption of magnesium early in the digestive system reduces the risk of any side effects to an absolute minimum.

Find out what Ultractive® Magnesium users have to say:

Very rapid effect. No side effects on digestion.
Virginie (36) Pre-school teacher
An excellent effect, after just one day. I even noticed a difference after one hour.
Ronald (56) Technical illustrator
An excellent product, which contains a high dose of magnesium.
Aurélien (27) Nurse
In this form, I can tolerate taking magnesium. It digests perfectly.
René (51) Marketer

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Up to three times more magnesium, and up to ten times faster absorption than other magnesium supplements. For the most effective and noticeable result.