Daily solutions for daily inconveniences

Ultractives wide range of supplements, vitamins and minerals provides relief for many daily inconveniences.
Discomfort, both physical and mental, that every ultra-active woman has to deal with from time to time.
Ultractive stands for reliable and effective.

Bundle of Sun

With this sunny supplement, you get the ultimate combination of vitamins and minerals to protect you from disease. A well-deserved, welcome boost for you and your immune system.

Bye Bye Stress

The best from the east and the west, combined in a recipe that will help you say goodbye to stress and tension effortlessly.
Keep it cool.

Energy Flow

Bye bye dips! You’re ahead of the curve on that one. Energy Flow is your personal power bank, because with this supplement your battery will last all day.

Muscle Flex

Muscle tension, twitching eyelids, (nightly) cramps in your calves… This is no way to make that yoga session or fast workout go smoothly. Muscle Flex will keep you in top shape, every day.

Meno Fix

Thanks to a variety of ailments, your menopause is far from easy. But don’t worry: with Meno Fix you can regain your balance in the blink of an eye.

Memo Rise

Forget being forgetful. These herbal extracts improve blood flow in your brain and clear up your memory. Just what you need to go through life at cruising speed.

Energy Flow

Very satisfied

“Energy Flow is now part of my daily routine!
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You can find Ultractive at

Online pharmacies FARMALINE and Newpharma.

You can find Ultractive at

Online pharmacies Farmaline and Newpharma.